13" Engraved Golfing Trophy

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Product code: 1797-198 A

This Golfing Trophy has a three dimensional effect to it. It is simply called the 18th Hole and is a Copper Wheel Engraving that has taken many hours to complete.

It is a 13" Oval shaped Vase includes Nine Special Olive cuts on either side of the vase, to represent the first nine and second nine holes.  If you look at the magnified image closely, you will see the there are two engraved panels, one on the front and one on the rear. The golfer after striking the ball is engraved on the rear panel and if you look to the front panel, the ball is now arriving on to the 18th Green.

The cutting represents the golf swing when striking the ball.

It comes complete with a specially made hand turned Solid Wood Base.

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