3000-101 13" Pilgrim Footed Punch Bowl Set ( Limited Edition ) (Part A)

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Product code: 3000-101

The Limited Edition Pilgrim Punchbowl & 12 Footed Cups Set . 

Limited to 10 Sets of this design World Wide. Only three Sets now available.





The inspiration for this particular piece is derived from the journeys of the Pilgrim Fathers as they left Europe and journeyed to the new world of America.

The traditional cutting on the lower area of the bowl is representative of the ornate and detailed type of clothing which was typical of the time.

Heavily cut swerves represent their ocean crossing and the dangers they would have encountered.

The  very deep cutting of the tops represent the Appalachian Mountains of the East coast of America which would have been their first glimpse  of the New World.

The rising sun signifies the dawning of a new day in the New World

The Punchbowl is 13" in height representing the first 13 colonies

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13" Pilgrim Footed Punch Bowl
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