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The Dungarvan Town coat of Arms

The Seal

'The central group of figures on the seal represents the old National Feis or Parliament, which was held at Tara, presided over by the Árd Rí, attended by the Provincial Kings and nobles. At a large table in the centre are seated the Brehons examining and writing on vellum rolls . . . the inscription reads 'Seal of the Common Council of Dungarvan.

The Arms

The castles of the shield are . . . portraits of existing structures, as they appeared about a century since. That to the left is the Dun or castle of Abbeyside. .. That to the right represents a wing of the old.. Dungarvan castle. Between the castles is seen a ship in full sail approaching the harbour. . . Our supporters are two ancient Irish warriors wearing the National costume and armed with the National weapons of other days.

Our crest, an anchor and dolphin entwined, and our motto, taken in its literal sense, are all indicative of the Maritime situation of the town. Our motto :- 'Ni Maraide Go Stiurtoir'- 'Not a Mariner Till a Steersman' is intended to teach an important moral lesson. Individually we are admonished, such that we make ourselves acquainted with the duties of our various callings, in order that we may be able to direct our own affairs and collectively, that, if we desire to see the town satisfactorily governed, we must grasp the reins with our own hand'

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Dungarvan Town Coat of Arms Suncatcher
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