Irish Blackwater Stemware Collection

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The Blackwater Collection has been inspired by the blackwater river that rises up from the earth in Co. Kerry, Ireland and eventually flows past Lismore Castle and onwards to the ocean at Youghal Co. Cork.

The cutting design incorporated in this beautiful piece represents the flow and ebb of the river as it makes its way toward the ocean. Many poems, stories and songs have been inspired by the beautiful blackwater river. 

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Blackwater Goblet Height 210mm Approx
€ 60.00
Blackwater Continental Champagne Height 240mm Approx
€ 60.00
Blackwater Roly Poly 10oz Tumbler Height 92mm Approx
€ 50.00
Blackwater Roly Poly 12oz Tumbler Height 109mm Approx
€ 53.00
Blackwater Roly Poly Hi-Ball Tumbler Height 140mm Approx
€ 55.00
Blackwater Shot Glass Height 60mm Approx
€ 30.00
Blackwater Brandy Glass Height 130mm Approx
€ 60.00
Blackwater Martini Height 185mm Approx
€ 60.00
Blackwater Ice Beverage Height 140mm Approx
€ 60.00
Blackwater Port/Sherry Height 160mm Approx
€ 50.00

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