Irish Castle Stemware Collection

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Product code: 4380-104

The Castle Collection Goblet by Iona Crystal is one of our signature collections of stemware.

The castle design encompasses very finely cut rings around the top and bottom circumference of the piece. Within the rings are placed fine olive cuts and close cut karo design to complete the bowl section.

The stems are designed to include very elegant "Rheintour cutting" known as flat cutting which gives the pillar effect to the design. It is then finshed off with the first design that an apprestice would learn and that is the sixteen point starburst on the foot. 

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Castle Continental Champagne Height 240mm Approx
€ 68.00
Castle Goblet Height 208mm Approx
€ 68.00
Castle Claret Height 192mm Approx
€ 66.00
Castle White Wine Height 175mm Approx
€ 65.00
Castle Ice Beverage Height 160mm Approx
€ 68.00
Castle Brandy Balloon Height 130mm Approx
€ 70.00
Castle Roly Poly 10oz Tumbler Height 92mm Approx
€ 60.00
Castle Roly Poly 12oz DOF Tumbler Height 109mm Approx
€ 63.00
Castle Roly Poly Hi-ball Tumbler Height 92mm Approx
€ 68.00
Castle Port/ Sherry Height 158mm Approx
€ 63.00

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