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Lough Corrib  is a lake in the west of Ireland. The river Corrib or Galway river connects the lake to the sea at Galway. It is the second largest lough in the Island of Ireland after Lough Neagh. It covers 178 km and lies mostly in County Galway with a small area of its northeast corner in County Mayo.

The first canal on the island of Ireland was cut in the 12th century. Known as the Friar's Cut, it allowed boats to pass from Lough Corrib to the sea at Galway.

William Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde wrote a book about the lake, first published in 1867. He built a summerhouse on the banks of the lake, called Moytura House.

Lough Corrib is designated as being a special area of conservation.

The Corrib Collection Design compliments the Lough, as it has elegant majestic cutting, just like this beautiful master piece of nature.

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Corrib Brandy Height 130mm Approx
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