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The Iona design has been inspired by the Famous Island of Iona.  

IONA or "Isle of the Druids" as it was called in Ancient times, is an Island between Ireland and Scotland known in Gaelic as the Isle of Colm Cille, or Saint Columba .
Colm Cille was an Irish prince and priest who settled on the Island in the year 563 and became revered as Saint Columba. Scholars suggest that the book of Kells was written on Iona around this time.

The Island has a deep Celtic history. It is the burial place of Scottish and Irish Kings including King Duncan, Donald and Macbeth.
It was a principal seat of Celtic learning in the British Isles and was attacked regularly by the Vikings. Throughout this time skilled crafts using Metal, Wood, leather and Glass were practiced. It is said that Iona was one of the first places on the British Isles, that the skilled craft of working with early glass was practiced and since I have a passion for craftsmanship and sulute the ancient Masters, I decided to call my company Iona Crystal  

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Iona Goblet Height 207mm Approx
€ 60.00
Iona Flute Champagne Height 207mm Approx
€ 50.00
Iona Claret Height 190mm Approx
€ 57.00
Iona White Wine Height 180mm Approx
€ 55.00
Iona 10oz Tumbler Height 84mm Approx
€ 52.00
Iona 12oz Tumbler Height 108mm Approx
€ 55.00
Iona Hi-Ball Tumbler Height 140mm Approx
€ 55.00
Iona Martini Height 185mm Approx
€ 65.00
Iona Beer 3/4pt Ice Beverage Height 150mm Approx
€ 73.00
Iona Conical Tumbler Height 95mm Approx
€ 57.00

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